Handset, Special Design for RF-7800S
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Termination SS 102 A509-4
Application RF-7800S SPR Radio
Built-In PTT Yes, With Bezel
PTT Type Make / Break Sequence
Microphone Type Dynamic
Mic Impedance 150 Ohms
Mic Sensitivity 10 Mv RMS
Microphone Directivity Noise Cancellation
Immersion 1 Meter / 2 Hours
Temperature Range c -45 to +65
Temperature Range (f) -40 to +150
Housing Material Polycarbonate Glass
Color Non-Reflective Black
Cord Type Retractile
Length 2 Meter
The CJ-H-250-7800S is designed as an alternative audio accessory for use with the RF-7800S personal radio series.
CJ-H-250-7800SPR Handset