Heavy Duty Headset, Single Earphone with Four Position Switch
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Termination U-229/U
Application Military Radio / Telephone
In-Line PTT CJ-PTT1206 Four Position
Boom Type Wire, Pivot Adjustable
Earcup Style Foam-Filled Comfort, High Noise
Microphone Type M-138/G Dynamic
Mic Impedance 150 Ohms
Mic Frequency Response 300 to 3500 Hz
Mic Sensitivity (-)56 dB
Microphone Directivity Noise Canceling
Earphone Type Dynamic
Earphone Impedance 1000 Ohms
Earphone Frequency Response 100 to 3500 Hz
Earphone Sensitivity 105 dB
Earphone Distorsion < 5 %
Immersion 1 Meter / 2 Hour
Temperature Range (f) (-) 40 to +150
Durability Ruggedized
Color Black
Headband Style Adjustable Metal with Cushion
Cord Type Retractile
Contact Type 5
Weight (g) 760
OEM P/N RF-3014-02
Dual foam filled earcus mounted on an adjustable headband with thumb locking feature offers excellent noise reduction. A noise canceling microphone mounted to an adjustable boom assembly provides clear communication during high noise operations.