Patrol Personal Radio Headset
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Termination Fisher SS 102 A509-4 or Custom
Application RF7800S / PRR / Eagle / 2500 XTS Squad Radio
Boom Type Low Profile, Adjustable Gooseneck
Earcup Style No Earcup. Woven into Headband
Microphone Type Electret
Mic Impedance 2200 Ohms
Mic Frequency Response 100 to 10000 Hz
Mic Sensitivity (-) 54 dB
Microphone Directivity Noise Canceling
Mic Operating Voltage 1.5 to 9 V
Earphone Type Dynamic
Earphone Impedance 150 to 32 Ohms
Earphone Frequency Response 300 - 3500 Hz
Earphone Sensitivity 354 mV RMS
Earphone Distorsion < 5%
Immersion 6 Hours at 3 Meters
Temperature Range c (-) 20 to +150
Durability Ruggedized
Housing Material Polycarbonate Glass
Color Black
Headband Style Comfortable Plastic Mesh
Cord Type Straight
Cord Grip Strain Releif Yes
Weight (g) 191
OEM P/N RF-3030-HS001
A single vinyl earpad with polyester foam inner lining provides high comfort, as well as attenuates ambient sound. A low profile electret noise canceling boom microphone provides clear communication in high noise operations.