Military Amplified Loudspeakers For Two-Way Radio And Vehicle Intercoms

Tactical /Military loudspeakers may be designed for integration with most two-way radio system and vehicle intercoms made today. They can be customized for compatibility with the operation of most military radios and VIS or VIC vehicular radio systems, including SINCGARS. Features include volume control for the adjustment of audio output of the loudspeaker from minimum and maximum level, and a selector switch to determine which speaker is heard. 


CJ Component Products specializes in providing various solutions to vital communication platforms. They provide military loudspeakers designed as a lightweight line-powered loudspeaker that is compatible with most radio ancillary interfaces. The CJ-LS Series military loudspeaker can be fitted in a vehicle or removed and located in a remote command post.  



Amplified Loudspeaker
Amplified Loudspeaker