Tactical Communications

Enabling More Advanced Military & Homeland Security Operations

Tactical handsets, headsets and communication systems are crucial for all military, Special Forces, homeland security and police (SWAT) operations. Reliable and secure tactical communications are imperative to maintaining command and control for ground, air and marine operations. Readiness of and enhanced performance of these communication systems are essential and can be done with reliable auxiliary audio accessories and communication products offered by CJ Component Products.

CJ Component Products specializes in the development and production of quality audio products related to tactical communication. CJ has years of experience developing and supporting major radio manufacture companies, such as Harris, ITT and GD with audio accessories that enhance the users proficiency with the radio. Offering lightweight headsets with electret and low profile dynamic boom microphones, new technologies utilizing bone conduction, various single and dual button PTT switches, custom handsets with volume control, all designed to meet the customers need, CJ is supporting tactical communications which enable more advanced military and homeland security operations.